Saturday, December 13, 2008


I'm learning the basics about fencing. Started learing to drive posts. It's really not that hard, as you're only driving them about 6" into the ground. That is, unless you hit rock, which happened a couple of times. This is a temporary gate I put up on the new driveway. See that post on the left that doesn't have a job? I couldn't get a post in directly across from it 'cause I hit rock, so I had to move the gate down the driveway. I couldn't get the post out, so it just looks stupid out there by itself. I'll get it out with the tractor when it's back from the shop. As you can see from the longer posts, my finger has healed up just fine. For the last several weeks typing has just been a royal pain in the finger.

One stage finished

It took another 3 hours to get the concrete block wall done. Something to remember: when estimating job time, be sure to include set up and clean up.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Beer Can Labels

Labels can be so confusing. "Chelada" sounds like a good exoic drink. Beer with salt and lime, yum. But then there's the "Clamato." Wonder what that's all about, I think? Then I buy it. It sucks. It's clam juice and tomato dummy. Yuck. At the bottom of the can it reads "Bud Light Beer with Natural Flavor and Certified Color." "Certified" color????

My aching back

Thought I could lay the concrete block in a day. Wrong, it get's dark and cold too early. Got a little over half done in 5 hours. My back started aching after block number two.


No, these aren't the footings for our small house. They are the footings for a "wash house" addition to our pump house. I'm tired of boiling water on the grill and standing nakey behind the barn to take a bath.

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