Saturday, February 28, 2009


They say they don't get a lot of snow down here in Witter. It was snowing when I left KC this morning, and snowing this afternoon in Witter. I painted the ceiling in the showerhouse and walked the fence line to see what I've got to fix before I bring down Clipper and Rocky later this month.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

First Timbers Delivered

The sawyer delivered our first load of timbers today. He estimated they weighed about 15,000 lbs. There are two more loads to come. The timbers just behind Sammy are 16 foot long 12x12s, that will be the posts at each corner of the kitchen. I was surprised by how big they are. I can just see myself hitting one on a midnight trip to the kitchen to get a cookie. Gonna need some good night lights.

A Window

When we got inside the showerhouse, we decided a window would be nice. So Larry found a dandy, and we put it in last weekend. We learned that Gary is a master painter -- almost as neat as Therese. Got almost done running the water lines, so no toilet, sink or shower yet. I'm getting better at estimating how much we'll get done, or the Atha's and I are becoming a well oiled building machine. I used to think we'd get twice as much done in a weekend as we actually got done. This last weekend I only overestimated by about about a third.

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