Thursday, June 18, 2009

Quilters, not Timber Framers

Mike worked with "the girls" in the barn last Saturday. The spent time using a spoke shave to clean up the round edges of all the braces. On Monday Mike told me that Lisa worked very hard and got a lot done and "that Bonnie, she's a keeper." However, he didn't think Adele and Therese "were trainable." That Mike... This is a view out the windows of Therese's future quilting studio.

Everybody comes to help, weekend #2

Everyone came to help up get up the rest of the ground floor (it just sounds so much nicer than "basement") walls last weekend. We got all the exterior walls up, but ran into problems drilling into the concrete to screw the interior walls down. After a couple of frustrating hours, we called it a weekend.

Our first wall ... sigh

The first wall went up fast. The two small windows will be in the master shower. We judged how low we could put the windows by Larry's "breast height." A standard often used in the building trade, no doubt.

Sill Plates

Larry always wanted to be a tight rope walker. Now close your eyes and picture him in a tutu. :)

Concrete Floor

They poured and finished the concrete floor a couple of weeks ago. I have no excuse for waiting until now to update the blog. It got hot and I ran out of steam, I guess. We're baaack.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

rebar ties -- a lot of rebar ties

Rebar ties are little pieces of wire that have loops on the end. You use them to tie rebar together before the concrete is poured. Yesterday morning I figured I'd have 200 to do today. Then we layed out the rebar last night. Gulp, it's laid in 12x12 squares. So, for a 1300 sq ft concrete floor, there are about 1300 little rebar ties. Clancy did a bunch of them, but I figure I bent over and tied about 700 of them today. Wonder why I'm sore. The pour is scheduled for 7 am.

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