Sunday, December 27, 2009

Rock Work

Many thanks to Lisa and Zack who got me a camera for Christmas. (Tyler's carhart cap is coming in handy too, as it's cold out there.)

Just before Christmas we poured the footings and they started the rock work around the front porch. Therese, Tyler and I collected the rock from around the farm. Some of it from stream beds, some from old rock fences that had fallen down, and some from piles of unexplained origin. Lots of rock here in Arkansas. Here is progress, so far.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I was working in the living room yesterday, and I kept smelling poo. Smelled like someone must have come into the house to do his/her business. Looked around and didn't find anything. Then the smell whent away. Then it was back. I looked down and there was Sammy, the stinker. He had wallowed in someone's poo. I suspect that, just to Sam's delight, a worker out here didn't know there was a toilet down the hill. Let me tell you we had quite a bath. Kinda reminded me of changing a few of the kid's diapers. Yuck.

Roof and Windows & my Christmas list

The metal roof is on, and the windows are installed. The plumbers are here running pipes, and the heating and air guys ran the duct work a couple of weeks ago.

I've not been posting pictures for a while because I've broken my second camera. The one that kinda works has a battery issue. It runs down after about 20 minutes... a real pain. Sooo, I've asked Santa for a new camera!

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