Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We're Somebody

The new phone book's here! The new phone book's here! ... My name in print. That really makes somebody. Things are going to start happening to me now!

Steve Martin as "Navin R. Johnson" in The Jerk (1979)

Yep, the new Madison County phone book came today. We're on page 56. There are only 80 pages, just in case you were wondering.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Dreaming of Hot Showers

Well, this trip we finished the siding, roof, and insulation on the showerhouse. Another weekend's work and we should have hot water, a shower, and that all important toilet.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Showerhouse Framing

The framing is done. Yesterday it as 19 with flurries. Today it was 55 at noon. Got a lot more done today than yesterday.

My Chair

"My" chair has become "his" bed.


They came yesterday and put up the electric poles.

Plumbers 'R Not Us

It took the 3 of us most of a day to figure out these waste and vent drains. How in the world could it have taken that long?

Ain't got no Amish, but got Athas

The Amish are great timber framers. I've got two great friends who are helping me a lot. They're not Amish, they're Athas.

Good at Tractor

Tyler turned out to be a natural at "tractor." This is a tree that fell on the fence that had to be cut and moved.

Most Excellent Fencing Woman

Hmmmm, did Therese grow up on a farm???

Fence Clearing

We worked clearing the fence line so we can run some new barbed wire to keep Clipper and Rocky in the pasture.

ATV Jumping

Tyler and Therese came down for two days between Christmas and New Years. Tyler jumped the atv over a dirt pile that appeared when the water ditch was dug. Thirty minutes after this pic was shot, Tyler turned the atv over on a steeper bigger hill. Bent up the front end and bruised his ego, a little.

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