Sunday, November 8, 2009

Brackets & Eaves

It's been a nice week and the framers got most of the most of the eaves and brackets put up. They make the outside of the house look much more complete.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Paint Weekend

This weekend Therese, Larry and I painted brackets and boards that will go up under the eaves. The picutes make it look like on Therese is working, but Larry and I did do som painting too. We really did. Yes siree. Really.

Tyvek On

The day after they got the framing done and the osb on the outside, they wrapped it in Tyvek, and we lost our windows ....

Walls Up, Windows Ordered

Costa and his 4 or 5 helpers put up the walls and put on the wall sheathing in 3 days. Would have taken Larry, Gary and me 6 weeks. During the framing the windows changed quite a few times. But we finally got them ordered last week. We're hoping to get them (and the siding) installed in early December. Here are pics of the house, without the brackets, eaves and gables. The 4 front windows look nice from the inside, will keep folks from looking into the living room from the road, and will permit us to put furniture below them (they're 4' from the floor and about 4' from the ceiling). But from the outside they increase the "church" or "schoolhouse" look. Therese says we can "fix" that with tall shrubbery. Ah, the ageold question -- do we want it to be good for the Ramseys inside, or look good for the Jonses from on the outside. Hmmmmm.

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