Monday, January 11, 2010

Be a Rock for a few Minutes

You're a rock. You're just sitting in a creek bed, minding your own business. You're feeling pretty good, 'cause it's warmed up enough today to melt some of the ice frozen around your toes. A boy comes by. At first, he walks right over you, but then he turns and picks you up. He doesn't pick up your best buddy that is right there beside you--you always thought you were better lookin'.

The boy takes you back across the creek and puts you on a pallet. It's warm on that wood. Feels good. Pretty soon you're taking your first tractor ride, heading for the front porch of the house up on the hill. Do you think you'd rather be back in the stream bed, or mortared into the base of the front porch. Hmmmmm.

Think about it for a few minutes.

Picked up rocks today for the front porch. A lot of time to think when one spends the afternoon picking up rocks from the creek with his dog.

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